Whats the secret to growing a HUGE Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Meet my fiddle leaf fig in store his name is Benji. Or big Ben!

I planted him the night before our doors opened back in 2016. He was only 3 or 4 ft tall 🌱 at that time.
He is almost 19 feet tall now and he's lush and happy and very green. 🌿
People always ask me if I have a secret to growing such a large plant and besides the obvious factors of light, temperature and wiping down his leaves regularly, there is one thing that I would like to share with you.🌿 I keep the watering schedule based on the season and also...I water him with WARM WATER! Nice relaxing bath temperature not too hot, not too cold (tepid is not warm enough) He's from the tropics and he wants some heat every once in a while! So when I do water him it's with a large bucket of warm water! This also copies what the rain would be like in the tropics, a large torrential downpour of warm water....ahhh to be home again...it does wonders for all of us.🌿

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